Future Is Female

Future Is Female

Welcome to the empowering elegance of the "Future is Female" collection by SÄGEN. Crafted with passion and purpose, each piece celebrates the strength and beauty of women everywhere.

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Future Is Female

A statement for equality and respect in our own way, as we want to carry it. Handcrafted from recycled silver and glass. We've adorned the symbol with a colored glass stone to give the ring a luxurious feel with a weight that makes it more than just a feminist piece. Choose between green Jade or pink Fuchsia stone, silver, or 18k gold plating.

Material: Recycled silver & glass. 18k gold plating

Eco-Friendly Craftsmanship
At SÄGEN, we’re committed to sustainability and our jewelry pieces are crafted from recycled glass and silver. By choosing these materials, we not only create stunning adornments but also contribute to a greener future. Each piece carries a story of environmental consciousness and responsible sourcing.

Vibrant Glass Stones
Choose Your Hue: The heart of the collection lies in our captivating glass stones. You have the delightful choice between two enchanting colors:
Fuchsia Pink: A bold and passionate shade that celebrates femininity and strength.
Jade Green: A serene and earthy tone, symbolizing growth and resilience.

Metal Options
Customize your jewelry to perfection with our metal options:
Silver: Timeless, elegant, and versatile.
18k Gold-Plating: For those who seek opulence and warmth.

Handmade with Love
Every piece in the “Future is Female” collection is handcrafted by skilled artisans. Their dedication and attention to detail ensure that each item is a work of art. When you wear our jewelry, you carry a piece of their passion and expertise.

Equality and Empowerment
Our collection isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s a statement. It represents equality, respect, and the unwavering belief in a future where women’s voices are heard. When you wear SÄGEN, you wear empowerment.