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Sagen Sweden

Berså/Mon Amie Duo Necklace - Vändbart halsband. 2 mönster i 1 smycke

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Reversible necklace with a new refined design and smaller charm. Elegant silver necklace with two iconic patterns in one. Flip the design based on your mood. One pattern on each side. Tasteful combination of Stig Lindberg's Berså and Marianne Westman's Mon Amie - both have become some of Sweden's most beloved decorations. Beautiful necklace inspired by summer rain and summer greenery with a sophisticated touch. Timeless and always right! Saga is exclusive sustainable jewelry design with a story.

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Product Details

Material: Återvunnet porslin och silver
Storlek porslin: 15x13 mm
Halsbandets längd: 500 mm to 600 mm
Övrigt: Justerbar längd